Start of the 2010-2011 Season

It all begins again. KU Fencing is back and we're holding our regular practices on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 - 8pm in the Indoor Soccer Courts at the Student Recreation Center. Dues for this season are $25 per semester, which includes floor time, use of equipment, and instruction.

As always, we like to point out that the latest news and information can be received by signing up for our facebook group named KUFencing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do I need to join?

None. We teach people of all levels - including those who have never done it before.

How much is it to fence?

The current club dues are $25 per semester. If you are not sure if you want to pay or not, join us for a couple of days before you pay. Dues cover instruction, use of equipment (below), some travel expenses to tournaments, and other odds and ends as they come up.

What do I need?

You don’t need anything! The club has jackets, arm protectors, weapons, masks and gloves that you can use. All you have to do is show up. Of course, as you improve you will want to get your own equipment.

What weapons do you teach?

We teach Foil, Epee, and Sabre.