Engineering Expo
02/28/2011 - We finally made it through, and all of our hard work paid off--we placed 2nd!! Our walk-through jet engine was incredible and everyone who went through it loved it. We even heard some people say that if they had seen this when they were in high school, they would've gone aero. The displays were fantastic and the kids loved the zyclone guns. Thank you so much to all of our volunteers for all of their help this past week -- we couldn't have done this without you!

Sarah Elizabeth McCandless
02/28/2011 - T-Shirts are in! They are wonderful--if you see Dan Kennedy, make sure to tell him he did a fantastic job! They are in the AE Departmental Office and are $12. If you pre-ordered, please pick them up, and if you didn't, still go pick one up! If we run out of shirts before everyone has one, we will be sure to place another order so everyone who wants one can have one.

Sarah Elizabeth McCandless
Region V Student Conference
02/10/2011 - Abstract submissions for the Region V Student Conference are due soon--more info can be found at the following website.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let myself or Dr. Barrett know. Thanks!

Sarah Elizabeth McCandless
Papers / Publications
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President Sarah Elizabeth McCandless
Expo Chair Jordan Ashley
Secretary Sean Derry
Treasurer Evan Freeman
ESC Representatives Coryn Mickelson
Sam Sheldon
Web Chair Dan Kennedy
Social Chair Richard Bramlette
Advisor Dr. Ron Barrett
Freshmen Representatives Anthony Ison
Alejandra Escalara
Bill Blair
Jessica Newman
Sunaya Malek
Upcoming Events
Mar. 3rd - Officer's Meeting
1182A Learned, 5:30 PM
Mar. 9th - General Meeting
1182A Learned, 5:30 PM
Mar. 10th - ESC Presentation
Need volunteers to present AIAA to ESC.
Mar. 19-27 - Spring Break!
Apr. 7th - Hosting Cheap Lunch
Need volunteers to help run the lunch from 11-1.
Coming Soon!
2011 - KU Engineering Expo - 2nd Place