School of Engineering

Engineering Student Council



The purpose of Engineering Student Council (ESC) is to facilitate communication between the faculty and staff of the University of Kansas School of Engineering and its students, promoting engineering education and involvement within the school, and serving as a collective voice for the engineering student community.


ESC does this by:

  • Holding bi-weekly meetings with engineering student organization representatives and the School of Engineering administration
  • Hosting social, professional, and community service events for students of the School of Engineering
  • Organizing the Funding Advisory Committee to allocate funding to student groups for projects, conferences, and professional events
  • Representing the School of Engineering students in campus wide events such as Homecoming and other philanthropic events.
Our bylaws: (pdf)
Executive Board Application: (doc)


President: Joe Weaver
VP of Finance: Eva Anderson
VP of Campus Relations: Mason Jones
VP of Recruitment: LK Assenmacher
Expo Chairs: Al Papa Silva, Erica Hui, and Logan Fritz
Activities Chair: Megan Teahan
Public Relations: Joci Hansen
Internal Relations: Amanda Parks
Outreach & Community Service: Jordan Hildenbrand
Technology Chair: Alek Eskilson

Engineering Student Senators:

Qi Chen
Katie Rowe
Justin Ruffalo

Freshmen Council:

Will be decided at the start of the school year.



Community Service/Outreach

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