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Mission Statement

What is a Non-Traditional Student?


A non-traditional student is a student who:


  • Commutes 10 or more miles to campus;

  • Is a parent of dependent children;

  • Is married;

  • Is a veteran;

  • Has had their academic career interrupted for at least 6 months by compulsory military service; or

  • Is 3 or more years older than classmates.

If  any of these apply to you,  you're a non-traditional student!


Non-Traditional Facts


  1. 1) There are an estimated 5,000 non-traditional students on campus, or 25% of the student body.

  2. 2) 7.4% of undergraduate students are over 25.

  3. 3) 39% of non-traditional students are of traditional age, which is 24 or younger.

  4. 4) Approximately 10% of students are commuters.

  5. 5) Most non-traditional students are single adults with no dependents.

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