Sigma Xi Research Paper Competition

Each spring semester, KU sponsors an Undergraduate Research Symposium (usually on a Saturday afternoon in April) and a Graduate Research Competition (usually on a weekday afternoon in March). Sigma Xi partners with these two existing events to create the Sigma Xi Research Paper Competition. Participating students in Social/Behavioral Science, Science, and Engineering disciplines may elect to be considered for membership in and recognition by Sigma Xi when they submit an oral presentation to either event. In terms of membership, students who choose this option will receive information about how to become a member and certain students will be eligible for a free membership. Specifically, graduate students doing oral presentations will qualify for free membership. For undergraduates, only those selected for recognition awards will qualify for free membership.

In terms of recognition, presentations by students who choose this option will be judged by faculty using a standard rubric. Recognition plaques will be awarded to first- to third-place finishers in each of three categories – undergraduate, early graduate (i.e., Master’s candidate or doctoral student who has not passed preliminary/comprehensive exams), and advanced graduate (i.e., doctoral students who have passed preliminary/comprehensive exams). In addition, undergraduate award winners wil receive a Sigma Xi cord which can be worn during the graduation ceremony. All presenters electing consideration by Sigma Xi will be invited to a recognition ceremony (typically held on Stop Day in May) where they will be inducted into Sigma Xi. First- to third-place finishers in each category will be announced at this ceremony and award plaques will be presented.

Faculty members need not be members of Sigma Xi to have their undergraduate or graduate students participate in this program. You are encouraged to return to this Web site at the beginning of the spring semester for more information about the research competition and the Sigma Xi recognition ceremony.

2013 Research Paper Competition Winners
KU News Release

Undergraduate Students

Oral presentation Winners

Early Graduate Students

  • 1st Place - Sarah Hyman
  • 2nd Place - Rudy Goldstein & Yujia Lei
  • 3rd Place - Adrianne Matlick

Advanced Graduate Students

  • 1st Place - Kelly Berkson
  • 2nd Place - Charlie Fehl
  • 3rd Place - Stephanie Bishop

Poster Presentation Winners

Early Graduate Students

  • 1st Place - Austen Oder
  • 2nd Place - Stephen Walker
  • 3rd Place - Casey Franklin

Advanced Graduate Students

  • 1st Place - Andrew Overholt
  • 2nd Place - Yamuna Ariyarathna
  • 3rd Place - Ryan Suderman